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    We are a professional PPF pre-cut system service provider.

    The core team of SEVENCUT was established in 2016, and we have been dedicated to the development of PPF pre-cut patterns for 8 years. We have mature experience in developing precut patterns and have accumulated a large database of pre-cut patterns.

    As of now, we have provided precise PPF cutting services for over a million cars worldwide, and have provided OEM and technical support for pre-cut software to multiple PPF brands or factories globally.

Precision fit of the silhouette

High-precision 3D scanning and actual installation testing ensure the pre-cut pattern is particularly accurate.

Massive pre-cut patterns

There are over 450,000 pre-cut pattern files, covering over 95% of mainstream car models.

Exclusive service WeChat group

Our exclusive WeChat service group is here to provide you with assistance during business hours for any questions you may have about software and pre-cut patterns.

Data statistics

As of March 1st, 2024 (Includes both the international version and the Chinese version.)

Car exterior Paint Patterns


Car interior Patterns


Pattern Files


Cars serviced globally (estimated)

1000000 +


Simplifying complexity is professionalism

The SEVENCUT PPF Pre-cut software is created by an industry leading technology team in the industry. Our software is designed with the user's actual operational experience in mind, eliminating unnecessary and useless gimmick features. We offer a clean and simple interface, practical and useful functions, and stable transmission, making it easy to use.

Accurate Contour Matching and Precise Letter Hole Positioning

SEVENCUT PPF Pre-cut software utilizes high-precision 3D scanning, CAE simulation with TPU elasticity calculation, and manual installation and pattern proofreading to achieve the most precise structural matching possible.

Pre-cut pattern development

  • 3D Scanning

    3D Scanning

    Utilizing high-precision 3D scanners, we conduct accurate 3D scans of the entire vehicle's paint surface structure

  • Reverse Engineering Modeling

    Reverse Engineering Modeling

    Reverse engineering modeling based on 3D scanning point cloud data is used to create industrial 3D models that fit the structure of vehicles

  • Flattening operation

    Flattening operation

    The processed 3D model is segmented and flattened into a 2D graphic based on TPU elasticity parameters.

  • CAE simulation installation

    CAE simulation installation

    CAE simulation technology is used to simulate the installation of vehicle film decorations by creating a 3D model and applying 2D graphics onto it. Based on the simulation results, data adjustment and modifications are made.

  • Actual installation verification

    Actual installation verification

    The pre-cut patterns will be tested during actual installation, and modified based on the installation results to ensure a more precise fit.

Fully cater to the diverse needs of customers

Accept OEM pre-cut software customization from the brand/factory

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